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Dairy Training
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Who we are

We are a subsidiary of the renowned Dairy Training Centre (DTC) in Oenkerk, the Netherlands, which specializes in providing practical training in dairy farm management, milk processing, and youth-based entrepreneurship through business incubation including attachment in the Netherlands. PDTC Kenya has emerged as a pioneering force in the region’s dairy value-chain landscape by employing a unique blend of hands-on learning, online education, and cutting-edge simulations.

What we do

At Practical Dairy Training Centre Kenya, training is not confined to the traditional classroom. In the footsteps of its parent company, PDTC Kenya embraces a learning-by-doing philosophy, fostering a hands-on training approach that ensures trainees acquire practical skills, knowledge and appropriate attitudes. With a commitment to maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment, PDTC Kenya keeps class groups small, enabling individualized coaching and setting concrete goals for each trainee. This educational philosophy empowers farmers, processors, and other stakeholders in the dairy value chain to drive sustainability and profitability in their operations.

Practical Dairy Training Centre Kenya Ltd (PDTC) is a Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB)-accredited CPD Service Provider for Veterinary Surgeons and Para-Professionals.

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Our Programmes

Dairy Business Incubation

Discover the power of PDTC’s Business Incubation program, where aspiring entrepreneurs receive invaluable mentorship, access to resources, and a collaborative environment to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses

Dairy Management Course

Learners will delve into record keeping and analyses,maintaining financial records,calculating variable and fixed costs,gross margins and farm income,forecasting,
and more..

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Learning by doing

Transfer and development of competence-based practical skills

Use of advanced technologies – enables blended learning to be effective

Market-oriented approach