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A Few Words About Us

PDTC Kenya Limited is a company that is duly incorporated in Kenya under the The Companies Act, No. 17 of 2015 and it has been in operation, since 2019, in several counties across Kenya and some of the East African countries. PDTC Kenya offers competence-based training which is premised in “learning-by doing” principles. The firm, too, focuses on training needs assessment, development and implementation of competence-based curriculum, monitoring, evaluation and reporting for dairy value chain (DVC) stakeholders – dairy cooperatives societies, farms, training institutes, processors, and extension officers. It is also involved in writing of fundable training project proposals, and their execution, for dairy cooperatives, TVET institutions and other DVC actors. PDTC Kenya trainers and consultants are proficient in practical-oriented training and have a rich experience in working with people and groups from diverse cultural and international diversity. The company has a network of local, regional and international partner firms and consultants that they undertake various projects jointly. The design and development of our training courses is demand-driven, hence, are largely tailor-made to suit the needs of our customer.
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Key Differentiators

PDTC Kenya draws its key distinctive features from its mother company, Dairy Training Centre (DTC) in the Netherlands, spanning over 60 years in practical training in dairy farm management, milk processing and entrepreneurship. It also has a huge vibrant network of local and international partners in the dairy value chain.

Our Goal

PDTC Kenya Ltd commits to provide high quality services as per the specifications, preferences and tastes of her clients. This includes building the capacity of the community (farmers, cooperative societies, dairy value chain professionals, national and county governments extension workers among others) through practical training in dairy farm management and milk processing. Ultimately, this will contribute to improved incomes, food and nutrition security.


To be the leading practical dairy training centre that makes positive contribution to valued transformation of society.


PDTC serve its customers by providing affordable high-quality practical dairy training services, that is obtained by efficient and cost-effective, sustainable environmentally-friendly processes, employing multi-skilled, gender-inclusive, highly motivated staff, and operating in accordance with the legal framework in force at any given time.

Our Core Values


The Company upholds and promotes virtues like honesty, transparency, accountability and fairness in undertaking its mandate.


The Company strives to ensure that quality standards are attained and maintained in all her operations and processes by all her employees. PDTC Kenya Limited’s services will be designed to reflect good quality consistently.


The Company has put in place mechanisms to ensure that all her staff members will always uphold the tenets of professionalism.


The Company fosters a sense of belonging among all staff members, motivating them and promoting synergy in productivity. Valuing each staff member's ideas creates a cohesive environment, emphasizing their role as integral parts of PDTC Kenya.

Customer Focus

PDTC Kenya Ltd commits to provide high quality services as per the specific needs, preferences and tastes of her clients.

Corporate Strategy

While maintaining our competitive positioning in the core business, we employ our brand name, unique organizational culture, professional excellence, customer focus and sound practical training and consultancy for actors of the dairy value chain.

Our Partners

Dairy Delta Academy