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Business Incubation

Discover the power of PDTC’s Business Incubation program, where aspiring entrepreneurs receive invaluable mentorship, access to resources, and a collaborative environment to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses. Start-up success begins here – join us and unleash your entrepreneurial potential today!”Become a dairy farming or dairy processing entreprenuer, Earn a living!

Forage production and conservation

Participants will assess and calculate forage requirements for the herd, develop soil fertility management plans,fodder and pasture establishment and management,silage and hay conservation

Milking systems and techniques

Participants will learn proper milking techniques,milk handling and quality control measures to ensure high quality milk production.

Value addition in dairy chains

Participants will learn how to process raw milk into safe, high quality products such as Yoghurt, mala, butter, ice-cream and cheese, marketing of products and managing economic small-scale dairy plants.

Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Learners will calculate rations for different groups,monitor feeding management(Body condition scoring,Rumen fill ,manure scoring),understand different feeding systems,estimate dry matter intake for various categories of dairy cattle,assess and estimate the feeding values of fodder and understand metabolic diseases causes and prevention

Calf and young stock rearing

Understand aspects of calf and young-stock feeding,housing and health, monitor growth rates and Key perfomance indicators in Young stock rearing.


Principles of housing design(ventilation,light,space),barn layouts and cow comfort for optimal productivity.

Fertility and Breeding Management

Dairy cow breeds(advantages and disadvantages),Fertility management of dairy herds,heat detection,maintaining breeding and fertility records,calculation of Key Perfomance Indicators

Dairy cattle health

Learners will assess the health of dairy cattle(cow signals),disease prevention and bio-security on dairy farms.

Udder health management

Safeguard udder health and maintain milk quality excellence with PDTC’s Udder Health Management program. Learn advanced techniques in udder hygiene, mastitis prevention, and effective treatment protocols. Enhance milk quality, reduce somatic cell counts, and ensure the well-being of your dairy herd. Elevate your udder health management practices with our specialized training and expertise.


Hoof health management

Ensure strong and healthy hooves for your dairy herd with PDTC’s Hoof Health Management program. Acquire essential knowledge in hoof care, trimming techniques, and lameness prevention. Learn to identify and manage common hoof problems, promoting overall cow comfort and productivity. Take proactive steps to maintain optimal hoof health with our expert-led training and guidance.


Dairy farm management and economics

Learners will delve into record keeping and analyses,maintaining financial records,calculating variable and fixed costs,gross margins and farm income,forecasting cash flow,creating partial and complete budgets and making investment decisions for optimal profitability of the dairy farms

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