Meeting With Governor Chelilim 2


Governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim on Monday hosted Han Tellegen Back, a dairy trainer and managing partner and Wytze Heida, a senior advisor from Bless Dairies.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a potential partnership between the County Government of Uasin Gishu and the Dairy Training Centre (DTC) located in the Netherlands.

The DTC is a renowned international training center specializing in dairy and milk processing training with expertise in the field, therefore aiming to collaborate with the County in offering short courses at the Chebororwa Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) in Moiben Sub County.

The partnership will focus on various aspects of dairy farming and milk processing, equipping local farmers with valuable skills and knowledge.

Speaking in his office during the courtesy call, Governor Bii expressed his enthusiasm for the potential partnership highlighting the importance of the dairy industry in the county’s economy.

He emphasized the need for continuous training and development to enhance productivity and promote value addition in the dairy sector.

“This aspect of the partnership is particularly significant as it would enable our farmers to process their milk into various dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, and butter

….. This value addition would not only increase the income of farmers but also create employment opportunities in the county,” says Bii.

The County Boss assured the representatives from the DTC that the county government fully supports such partnerships further pledging to provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure the success of the short courses and the implementation of milk processing equipment in the county.

Agriculture and Agribusiness Executive Edward Sawe noted that the collaboration with an international training center like the DTC would enhance the county’s reputation as a hub for agricultural excellence since it will attract more investments and partnerships, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and development of the dairy industry in the County.

Sawe added that in addition to Chebororwa ATC, they will also identify farmers in every ward who will set up demonstration plots that will serve as practical learning sites for farmers interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in dairy farming.

On his part, Livestock Chief Officer Mr. Nixon Cheplong acknowledged the potential benefits of having a specialized dairy training center in the area which will in turn create employment opportunities and improved dairy production in the region.

“The specialized training center will entail modern technologies that will lead to increased milk yields, improved livestock health, and enhanced overall efficiency in the dairy industry,” says Cheplong.

According to Chief Officer Agriculture Elphas Kesio, the establishment of demonstration plots in each ward will allow farmers to witness practical examples of successful dairy farming practices. This hands-on experience will enable them to replicate these techniques on their farms, leading to a more sustainable and profitable dairy industry.

The DTC’s initiative to transform Chebororwa ATC into a dairy training center is a significant step towards boosting the local dairy industry by equipping farmers with the necessary skills and resources, this project aims to create a thriving dairy sector that will contribute to the economic growth of the community.